Starting with Ansible

But What is Infrastructure Automation?

Architecture of ansible

[webservers] ansible_ssh_private_key_file=path/to/key ansible_user="username"
[database] ansible_ssh_private_key_file=path/to/key ansible_user="username"
Ansible Playbook Github gist
$ ansible-playbook -i inventory.txt playbook.yaml
INVENTORY = inventory.txt
$ ansible-playbook playbook.yaml

Ad-Hoc commands

$ ansible <pattern> -m <module_name> -a "<module options>"
$ ansible webservers -m ping
$ ansible webservers -m command -a "apt-key list"
$ ansible webservers -m service -a "service mongo status"


What makes ansible greater?

  1. Ansible is Agent-less, which means there’s no need for an agent to be installed on a remote machine, Ansible will connect to it via ssh.
  2. Ansible is idempotent, which means you can run an ad-hoc command or a playbook any number of times, if there are no changes, the result will be the same.
  3. I can configure multiple hosts at the same time. However, I can decide how many hosts I want to configure in parallel.

Angular | JavaScript | Linux | contribute code — | linkedIn-

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Shivam Garg

Shivam Garg

Angular | JavaScript | Linux | contribute code — | linkedIn-

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